Sunday, October 31, 2010

time for an update

No, I haven't posted here for a while. Yes, I plan on posting here more. Becoming a working-away-from-home mom, selling house, moving into rental, building house, moving into new house, and settling into a somewhat new life routine has kept my family and I more busy than we'd like to be. After almost a year in our new home though, we are feeling a bit more comfortable and I'm ready to put more effort into Watkins again.

One change I am making is monthly or bi-monthly ordering. This time of year is busier with people being more in the mood to bake or do some Christmas shopping for friends and family, so I am ordering monthly through February 2011. Beginning in March 2011, depending on the demand, I may drop back to bi-monthly for the spring/summer months. I'll keep you posted on this.

FYI: I typically place orders on the 4th of each month in order to take advantage of the current AND previous months specials.

So what's new and exciting with Watkins right now? It's all the "Seasonal" items that are back! From Potato Soup Mix to Pumpkin Butter, to Cookie and Bread Mixes and Cinna-Cream Sprinkels (our family's favorite)! These products are available through January 5, 2011 while supplies last. Now is the time to get those baking spices and special "comfort food" ingredients!

Next ordering date is November 4th. Orders need to be phoned/emailed in before 8pm.

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